Thursday, September 27, 2012

Strange Land #15: Wake the Fuck Up!

English: Anti-Barack Obama demonstrator at an ...
English: Anti-Barack Obama demonstrator at an Obama rally, Springfield, Missouri, on November 1, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This episode of Strangers in a Strange Land kicks off with what has to be the best political ad ever, Samuel L. Jackson's instant hit video, Wake the Fuck Up!

Then, after a recap of the past week, Scott takes a moment to visit his favorite bat-shit-crazy right-wing political blog, Godfather Politics, the perfect site to visit if you need a quick reminder of how stupid and insane your more popular right-wing positions really are.

Did you know that Obama wants to turn us all into ants? Crazy until you realize it's meant as a metaphor, then stupid as you read the metaphor, then crazy again as realize how irrational the ant colony/socialist agenda analogy is upon even a cursory examination.

This leads to Scott's confession that for three days he actually believed that the Obama birth certificate that White House release was a forgery, proving that even the most rational individual can be temporarily swayed to believe the most ludicrous claims until taking the time to investigate further.

Not to get stuck totally on political junkie talk, Joey ends the show on a more upbeat note by switching gears to some lighthearted TMZ coverage of the Johnny Lewis murder/suicide.

Finally, for your tea-bagging enjoyment, a video explaining why the White House-released Obama Birth Certificate was not a forgery.

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