Friday, July 13, 2012

Strange Land #4: Heads on Spikes

Strangers in a Strange Land Episode #4 is now live and available on iTunes and other podcast hosting sites, or simply click on the above link to download now! Would it be too cocky if we celebrated our Fifth Episode Anniversary next week? That's right, for those of you who kept telling us that you've heard enough of our incessant caterwauling, you were apparently wrong! HA! Eat it, pink boy!

In this episode, you'll hear conversations about the increasingly massive Libor banking scandal (and how we have yet to see one banker's head on a stick), the insanity that is the new political field, the shameless lack of intelligent and rational media coverage involving insane pseudo-politicians, the struggle to find decent auto insurance, how Nancy Grace made a woman set herself on fire, and why joking about shooting the first lady is never a good idea when you are law enforcement officer on White House protection duty. We struggled to keep this one short, but it just seems like there is no end to the madness, and once we get started, it is hard for us to stop. And on that note, for your viewing pleasure, a picture of Nancy Grace's nipple.

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